Imagine if you will, five thirsty friends gathering weekly...for years, at the same home (“the Castle”), to learn how to homebrew beer. Add to that, these five thirsty friends and their families really enjoyed drinking beer together and telling stories...both true and fabricated. 48 weeks a year they gathered to enjoy beer and each other...and some brilliantly prepared food by their host.


With no initial intentions of going commercial, they enjoyed what they were doing so much, they began to seriously explore sharing their joy and passion...and stories! After scouring the pathways to commercial production, the laws changed in 2015 making it possible for breweries to sell pints and growlers in a taproom instead of giving out samples in a tasting room. This made the dream of Crowded Castle Brewing Company possible.


The Haircut: After years of searching for locations and surviving disappointments, one of our owners was getting his haircut in Phoenixville and singing our location woes. Someone in the barbershop said he heard the old printshop in the center of town was open for rent. We jumped on it and HERE WE ARE!! In beautiful historic Phoenixville we have not only found a place to share our passion for beer...and stories...but we have met the most wonderful, friendly, and fun people. I guess you can never underestimate the power of a haircut!


Come visit us and let us share our passion for beer...and just maybe we’ll bend your ear with a story or two. There’s always room for one more!

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