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Meet the Brewers Night

Mark S. - Started his love for beer as a student at University of Wisconsin, where beer was the drink of choice no matter the age.

Then introduced to home brew, way back when no one was doing that, while in seminary under the mentorship of a brilliant yet whacky Theology Professor (of German descent…of course).

Then life happened, jobs, kids, relocations etc…

Years later landed in a subdivision where neighbors gathered and the home brew fever was reignited.

Then returned to his University of Wisconsin roots to study Brewing and Malting Science with the Master Brewers Association of America.

Got more involved in the brewery world through Brewers of PA and the Master Brewers Association as well as partnering with a local with a home brew business and taught some classes.

All the while the home brew club got better and better and they said, "We can do this, let’s open a brewery"!

And that is the readers digest version of Mark S, Brewer at Crowded Castle.

Fran M. - Let’s say he acquired a taste for beer at an early age (Thanks Pop!). Fran began home brewing in 1994, when he purchased his first home brew kit from a new store that opened on Darby Road in Havertown, Pennsylvania called the Brew Your Own Beer store. The owners of the store must have paid a consulting firm a lot of money to come up with that name, because 25 years later BYOB is still providing home brew supplies to the home brewers in Delco and the surrounding areas.

As like Mark S. life happened, jobs, kids, relocations, travel sports and softball. As one would suspect, softball was where Fran honed his affinity for beer, frequenting the many wonderful establishments in Delaware County like Pops Barrel Inn, Brownies Pub, Barnaby’s, The Goal Post, Craigs Tavern, The Willowbrook Pub and The Milmont Inn, just to name a few. Many hours were spent sampling the fine brews provided by these establishments.

As fate would have it, Fran M. and his family moved into the same development/ subdivision as Mark S. where the same neighbors gathered and the home brew fever was reignited.

Fran M. has joined with these neighbors and accepted the challenge of opening a commercial brewery. Fran’s expertise comes from many, many years of field research and many, many years of home brewing, plus the experience of the past few years at Crowded Castle.


Mark G - A work in progress

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